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In Search of... the latest studio release from Columbia, Missouri's The Doxies has 11 rich tracks based on solid cornerstones of altcountry, vintage garage rock, and British Invasion era, Kinks-style Brit Pop. The album features hook laden songs with catchy melodies and lush harmonies. These wonderful pop sensibilities are juxtaposed by head nodding scorchers with enough guitar riffs and licks to milk a goat.

Press for "In search of..."

With "In Search Of...", the Doxies prove once again that they are one of the Midwest's best-kept secrets. If there is any justice in this world, they won't be a secret much longer. A-
Playback STL

"Hard to pin down stylistically, yet easily digested, the Doxies' fourth long-player brings emotionally compelling lyrics and fertile melodic hook lines to contagious tunes, throwing in a few choice rhythms for good measure.....Fresh-faced pop rarely sounds this convincing."
Cleveland Scene

"Opener "Once In A While" could be classic Cotton Mather and "Damn Shame" would sit on any Jayhawks record from the same era. "In Search of..." combines big guitars, big hooks and bigger harmonies, retaining its edge, but sufficiently polished so as not to sound amateur."
Americana UK

"The band counts as influences Wilco, R.E.M., Steve Earle and the Replacements, and elements of each saturate "In Search Of ...," though the Doxies manage to distill those sounds into something that's very much the band's own."
Connecticut Now

"Indie rock" is a moribund term, but it's not The Doxies' fault. On their fourth album (in four years) the quintet from college town Columbia, MO continues its blend of the basics: a little '70s power-pop, a little Let's Active and first EP R.E.M., and on a song or two, garage rock. Catchy, well-sung, well-written pop for a better radio universe. Count us in."
Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"Laden with more hooks than a fishing shop, "In Search of..." is another collection of power-pop gems from The Doxies .... This is a great record that is simple and effective, as good things often are."
Simon Lewis, Terrascope UK

"If you're seeking a soundtrack for your next road trip, look no further than the The Doxies' new release. The Columbia bands sound combines Brit pop and indie rock elements à la The Kinks with just enough country twang for an upbeat kick."
Vox Magazine

"So it is with The Doxies on In Search Of..., the group's fourth studio album. Critics have billed the band as a follower of more recognizable alt-country bands like Uncle Tupelo and Wilco. But the hard-working Columbia quintet continues to grow musically, bringing joy to fans by creating something familiar, but with a soul all its own."
The Maneater

Press for "Weight of Gold"

"(The Doxies) open a rift in time and space when college radio was the only true form of alternative".
-- Miles of Music

"Buoyed by sweet harmonies on tunes like the affably loungy "Wrecking Ball" and pretty exchanges of piano and guitar (see closer, "Honey Tree"), The Doxies clearly have the songwriting chops to warrant some attention."
-- Splendid Music

"there are some great tracks here, based on solid cornerstones founded on alt. country, vintage garage rock, and British Invasion-era Kinks-style Brit-Pop."
-- Pop Matters

"To start this thing off, let’s discuss sound quality. First of all, the album sounds like your dad’s long lost vinyl gone digital. It’s got a fuzzy haze looming above each song, which would be cool if it really did come from your dad’s old record collection. But if it had come from his collection and you just unearthed it for the first time, you would think you came across a pretty good find."
-- Left of the Dial

"landlocked residents of the Show Me State yearn to sail the seven seas in search of endless booty....Weight of Gold is a 70s-inspired album with a carefree vibe".
-- Erasing Clouds

"the sound of an Americana band secure that it is on safe ground.....a powerhouse treat."
-- Americana UK

Online translation from original German review "Already the Opener "checking in and checking out" becomes clear that we go on a time journey. It sounds as it would be a volume like the "Kinks"."
-- Rock Tip Germany

"The constant style shifting on Weight of Gold leads to a schizophrenic but ultimately very pleasant listening experience. An entire album’s worth of cute pop like “Crows and Jays (This Bird Flies)” and the wonderful duet “The Last Dance” would be too much of a good thing, but framed as they are with the rollicking “Iron Skin” and the echo-drenched guitars of the anthemic “Alibi,” the album as a whole just plain works."
-- Playback STL

"Those who prefer some melody in their music would do well to check out The Doxies, whose third album ‘Weight Of Gold’ mixes Americana with some west-coast flourishes to produce an album with a glorious hometown feel."
-- Terra Scope UK

"Weight of Gold charts the progression of the band's Southern rock hybrid. Mixing Crazy Horse's guitar solos, My Morning Jacket's ethereal haze and Kings of Leon's fear of the barber, The Doxies have branched out on this outing."
-- Riverfront Times

Past Press for the Doxies:

"The Doxies come from Columbia, Mo., and they're the best alternative country/country-inflected rock 'n' roll band I've heard in years.
The comparisons for The Doxies flow easily. Their intelligently crafted lyrics rooted in a sense of place bring to mind JayFarrar's contributions to Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt. Musically, they come across in kind of an "American Stars and Bars" Neil Young crossed with Whiskeytown. And they rock hard enough to be put in the same box with The Bottle Rockets and Slobberbone."
Best Bets 1/16/04
-BY L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star

"(Tinderbox Tragedy) is the true sound of young people making Americana music, and it has the brashness and brightness of youth and also manages to pull in traditional forms. True it’s more in the vein of Slobberbone then Hank Williams, but, there’s plenty of Uncle Tupelo’ too: ‘Clouded by the Bottle’ and ‘Carry Me Home’ find a bridge between Gram and Tupelo and present as good a pair of dusty, flannel shirted indie-country songs as you can get."
Americana UK January 2004
-David Cowling

"Despite the band's willingness to talk about its influences, there is enough spark and vitality to stave off any unfair comparisons. The group is that rare creature, the Great Midwestern Rock Band, and the Doxies try to make you to have a good time rather than try to impress you with indie cred or obtuse sounds."
Riverfront Times 2/11/04
-Christian Schaeffer

“Sometimes it’s just nice to crank up your box and hear some down-and-dirty, crunchy-as-crust country rock, and these boys deliver.”
-Tom Hallett
Pulse of the Twin Cities

"The Doxies could be billed as a straight-ahead country band because of the twangy guitars and lyrics about bottles, broken hearts and Bakersfield. When you hear the backbeats, distorted guitar solos and Fender Rhodes-like piano effects behind a song like "Callin' the Kettle" from its newest CD, "Tinderbox Tragedy," you know you're listening to a band with rock close to its heart."
-Mike Brothers
Springfield News Leader 11/13/03

"The Doxies are the embodiment of midwest rock and country. Literally and geographically. They are from Columbia Missouri and like the Bottlerockets they can't help who they are and the style they play. It's no frills and no prisoners either. Some have called it country-punk and that's not a bad way to put it. They have a hard sound that sometimes barely obscures their twang roots and classic country leanings. Let's put it this way, when you catch this band you'll be drinking your beer from a can and you can go to the bank that it's an American brand."
-Bill Laverly
Village Records

“Working-class ache wrapped in youthful exuberance and a sense of destiny…sign your paycheck over to the bartender and buy this band a round.”
-Lana Trezise

"Alt-country rockers, The Doxies, have a grasp on their curious genre. Influenced by the legendary Uncle Tupelo, their sound is raucous and driving, encapsulating, according to their Web site, a "working-class ache wrapped in youthful exuberance." The Columbia, Mo. unit bleeds the Midwest experience, and pays a rare homage to a simple life rapidly disappearing, giving this band a yesteryear form of elegance, contemplating their surroundings of tractors, windmills and booze."
Critic's Pick, OMAHA READER 1/16/04

“The Doxies play an authentic, volatile brand of rock ’n’ roll. Driving beats and big guitars fuel songs about jail, cars and love.”
Omaha World-Herald
“Great music from blue collar musicians, the way great alt. country happens.”
-Mike Columbo
Host/Producer Americana Live

“The Doxies twang their way through tunes accompanied by mandolins, fiddles, harmonicas and beer…and when you hear their country-punk-rock sound you’ll be nodding along as well.”
-Leslie Prisbell
The Reader

“The Doxies are a must see for those who love the line walked between country and rock ‘n’ roll--a line previously walked by the likes of Johnny Cash and Neil Young.”

Go Magazine